Polypropylene (PP) | Flight’s Polypropylene is the hardest wearing of our polyolefin range. Excellent chemical resistance combined with a low co-efficient of friction makes this plastic ideally suited to many applications.

Withstanding constant machinery vibration polypropylene is suited for packaging applications involving foodstuffs and liquids.

Flight Polypropylene is available in:

  • Five embossing patterns
  • UV stabilised grades
  • Sheet or roll form
  • Most colours

Physical properties of Polypropylene

  • Long term or frequent exposure to ultra violet light is not recommended unless coloured black or with cadmium pigments. UV stabilisers can be added.
  • Internal hinge – good ability to form a hinge which will not crack
    when bent.
  • Good abrasion resistance and tough, hard wearing finish.
  • Exceptional resistance to environmental stress cracking.
  • Readily pressure formed or fabricated.
  • Suitable for use in microwave ovens.
  • Polypropylene can float on water.
  • Can be welded.

Chemical properties of Polypropylene

  • Impermeable to water,easily cleaned and will not stain
  • Non toxic grades available – USFDA approved for food applications
  • Resistant to brine, acids, bases caustic soda, bloods and fats

Common Applications

Wall Cladding
Coolstores, meat/poultry/fish preparation rooms, butcher shops, bakeries, wineries, dairy sheds, breweries, truck linings, shower walls, tunnel linings.

Cutting boards, tank fabrication, drip troughs, freezer trays, vats and
storage bins.

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