High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) | With excellent impact strength, our HDPE is easily formed and machined using conventional equipment. HDPE is not as flexible as low density polyethylene and not as rigid as polypropylene. However, it may be bent to a considerable degree without stress whitening.

Flight HDPE is available in:

  • Flame retardant and UV stabilised grades
  • Five embossing patterns
  • Sheet or roll form
  • Most colours

Physical properties of HDPE:

  • UV additives and carbon black provide excellent UV stability
  • Heat resistance is limited to approx. 80°C
  • Is flammable with a slow burning rate
  • Excellent moulding qualities
  • High impact strength
  • Has good elasticity
  • Will float on water
  • Can be welded

Chemical properties of HDPE

  • Very good resistance to acids, bases, inorganic solutions, oils and greases.
  • Not recommended for use with strong oxidising agents or organic solvents in conditions exceeding 80°C.
  • Meet grades available that USFDA Food Contact standards.
  • Readily cleaned with most cleansers.

Common Applications
Ute liners and floor mats.

Tote boxes, containers, tank linings, duct work, large trays, wall cladding, cutting boards, conveyors, wear strips, pallets, portable toilets.

Plant trays, troughs, boxes, shed linings, root barriers.

Paddling pools, toy boxes, boats, canoes and cases.


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