Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) | Flight’s ABS is available in both roll and sheet form. ABS provides the optimum balance of tensile impact strengths. Featuring ease of forming, excellent toughness and rigidity it is particularly good for deep draw vacuum forming for products likely to receive abuse in the form of knocks, scuffing and scratching.

ABS also has good chemical resistance and Flight offers a variety of grades of ABS including specialist high heat and flame retardant resins as well as different gloss finishes.

Flight extrudes ASA which has similar properties to ABS but is specifically designed for outdoor applications.

Flight ABS/ASA is available in:

  • High, medium, low impact grades
  • Five embossing patterns
  • Sheet or roll form
  • Most colours

Physical properties of ABS/ASA

  • Excellent mouldability, tough yet fairly elastic
  • Exceptional impact strength for severe abuse
  • Retains physical properties over a wide range of temperatures
  • Excellent creep resistance and good stability
  • Retains substantial impact strength at subzero temperatures
  • Long term or frequent exposure to ultraviolet light is not recommended unless it has a protective coating (eg. ASA capping) or is extruded in dark colours (eg. black)
  • Flammable but flame retardant grades are available
  • Readily accepts printing in a wide variety of inks

Chemical properties of ABS/ASA

  • Very low water absorption
  • Mould and mildew resistant
  • Resistant to a range of acids, base oils, petrol, cleansers, disinfectants and chemicals
  • Ethylene dichloride, esters and ketones are solvents of ABS

Common Applications


Parts for all types of transportation vehicles ABS internal & ASA external.

Agricultural and Industrial

Housings for air-conditioning units, fans, grain chutes, electrical boxes & cases etc.

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Flight Extruded Plastics

At Flight we pride ourselves on meeting the challenge of extruding a wide range of resins and our ability to produce multi layer co-extruded sheet and foil.


Flight Extruded Plastics specialise in large sheet and rollstock for the manufacturing, transport and mining industries