With over 40 years in the plastic’s industry, our capabilities provide our customers with maximum choice and flexibility.

Download info sheet – Flight Extrusion Capabilities.

Materials |  ABS, HIPS, HDPE, PP &  LDPE.

Co-extrusion | ASA capped ABS, Non-slip Polyethylene, GP Styrene/HIPS.

Colours | Most colours available with colour matching services.

Additives | UV stabilisers and flame retardant additives available.

Embossing Patterns | A variety of patterns available including haircell, leathergrain and levant.

Maximum Gauge
Sheet: 20.0mm Roll stock: 2.0mm.

Minimum Gauge
Sheet: 0.4mm Roll stock: 0.2mm.

Maximum Width
Sheet: 2400mm Roll stock: 1830mm.

Maximum Diameter
Roll stock: 1000mm, wound on 75mm cores.


Our mission is to deliver quality products and services to our customers that will exceed their expectations


Flight Extruded Plastics specialise in large sheet and rollstock for the manufacturing, transport and mining industries